Kimbap Cafe by day. Fresh, local, Korean-inspired comfort foods.

By night, home of UMMA Project Dinner (every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night).

Chef/Owner Kim Hunter has named our dinner service “UMMA Project” in honor of the fierce, wild and brave women and mother figures who inspire us, and feed our souls and bellies.  Umma is the familiar word for Mother (mom) in Korean.

Special shout out to Sarah, Kim’s mom who hails from the midwest and painstakingly learned to make Korean food so she could share it with her adopted children.  It was a labor of love and we so appreciate it. And to the mother who gave Kim life and made the brave decision to offer her a brighter future with another family on the other side of the world.

Check out our UMMA Project dinner menu and for reservations, please contact us directly at 919-900-8053 or kimbapcafe@gmail.com

NEW!! Dumpling making classes with chef Kim! To register, follow the links below:

Dumplings 101 – Wednesday, May 2


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